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Camp Cats

Are you still keeping up with your New Year’s Resolution? We are! Here it is: month three of our vow to post a monthly camp anecdote.

This week’s story is quick one. It comes Rick Ehler. When asked what his favorite Camp story was, Rick had approximately 16 years of Boxwell experience to choose from. This was his favorite story.

“When the boat harbor reopened in 1995 we lived in tents down at the harbor. We would adopt stray cats to stay with us to help with the raccoon problem.

“Every night one of the cats that ha[d] become extremely fond of me would jump on my bed and sleep next to me. One evening I felt the cat, jump on the bed around one or two o’clock in the morning. After shifting in my sleeping bag I realized that what had jumped on my bed was not a cat but a raccoon. I quickly grabbed my flashlight and a tennis shoe and scared the raccoon off.”

And there you have it. A classic “the-cat-on-my-sleeping-bag-is-actually-a-raccoon” story!

Camp Anecdotes
Collection of Rick Ehler
From VirtualBoxwell’s Boxwell Staff Anecdotes Project, March 2018

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