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Camp Murrey

Leaders’ Guides, whether print or digital, are essential guides to how your camp experience operates. These two pages from the 1977 Leaders’ Guide give us a look at Camp Murrey.

As you can tell, Murrey was not a large operation; it only had four staff members! Of course, in 1977, the cabins (only 6 at the time) were still new, recently completed as part of the 1972 Capital Development Campaign. Murrey was especially unique in 1977 because it was the only place on the reservation that had TENTS with electricity!

The pages are quite explicit: “This camp is designed for ladies and small children – Not the Troop Leader.” In other words, as the male leader, you can bring your wife and small kids to camp, drop them off at Murrey, and then go stay with your troop. Don’t worry; not only will they be entertained in your absence with ping-pong, canoeing, or “sunning,” but they “may attend” a campfire at your camp!


Pages from the 1977 Leaders’ Guide on Camp Murrey

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