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Q-ball’s Book of Sayings

Occassionally we post on things that “Boxwell-adjacent.” This is one of those weeks.

Floyd “Q-ball” Pearce worked on the Rock Island and Old Hickory Boxwell staffs. He worked from the 1950s all the way up into the 1980s. He was a Boxwell institution. If you worked with Q-ball, he was a character you remember and we’ve posted on him before (Feb. 10, 2013, Feb. 14, 2018; Sept. 27, 2017).

What many don’t know about Q-ball was that he kept a “Book of Sayings.” He had an old school photo scrapbook (in other words, a book made of black construction paper-esque pages you taped or adhered photos to) full of clippings he read. FULL OF CLIPPINGS. Taped in this book were pieces from newspapers and magazines he read and cut out. The topics were mostly inspirational, but ran the gamut from “Progress” to aging to Christianity. Q-ball often used these remarks at campfires or as simple reminders as truths about life.

Shown here is a photocopied page from Q-ball’s Book of Sayings. This page gives you a taste of the kinds of things that great carving master thought about and considered important…


A page from Floyd ‘Q-ball’s’ Book of Sayings. Date unknown.

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