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Boxwell T-Shirts: Old Hickory Boxwell, 1960s and early 1970s

Our look at staff t-shirts continues this week with a look at the first staff t-shirts at the Old Hickory Boxwell. It is worth noting at the start that the new Reservation also brought with it new purchases. Unlike the other three Boxwells, at Old Hickory, Scouts could buy their own Boxwell t-shirts!

Thus, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the earliest Boxwell staff t-shirts did not say “staff.” A simple white shirt with a Boxwell map emblazoned on the chest, the shirt was very similar to the camp patch Scouts received at the end of the week. Both of course were based based off of the artist’s rendering of the Reservation used in 1959 Capital Development Campaign Development Fund booklet. The original art is framed and hanging in the Health Lodge.

The original version was as pictured below: map and “Boxwell Reservation” above with “Middle Tenn. Council, B.S.A.” below. As time went on, there were minor variations on this design, mostly at the collar and sleeves. A version appeared with a red collar and another version came along with a blue collar and a blue ring on the sleeves. There was also a version with the map shrunk and just on the left breast. Eventually, there was even a version that said “Staff” above the map. Finally, a true staff t-shirt.

In the photo, the several versions are showcased. Greg Tucker (left) is wearing the original version of the shirt at the 1983 Reunion. In the center, Reservation Director Ed Human wears the blue collared version “breast-map” in the early 1970s. And to the right, Floyd “Q-ball” Pearce wears the final version that actually says “Staff” in an undated photo.

1960s t-shirt

The multiple versions of the first Old Hickory Lake Boxwell Staff t-shirts. L-R: Greg Tucker, Ed Human, and Q-ball Pearce

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