Boxwell Transcription Project: GoFundMe

Would you be interested in seeing a complete written history of Boxwell for its centennial? If so, I need your help.

I need to raise $6000 to take 100 hours of interviews to human transcription service. These services are fast and accurate, but tend to run about $1 a minute. It’s a big amount, but necessary to finish this story.

In order to complete the book for 2021 centennial, I need these interviews transcribed this summer. I’ve exhausted every avenue I can think of, but none return transcripts with the accuracy and speed I need to complete the project on time.

$6000 is a big request; are the interviews worth that amount? Yes. I have interviews with camp staff members and professional Scouters, past and present. I have interviews with Scouts who attended Boxwell in the 1930s and 1940s and one when Boxwell integrated in the 1960s. I have conversations about Rock Island, the Old Hickory farm operations, life at Camp Murrey, and the capital development campaigns. And more stories on staff shenanigans than you can imagine.

There is a story here that needs to be told, but I need your help to tell it. This fundraising campaign will be open until the end of May. From there, I will spend the rest of the summer getting these interviews transcribed and processed. I hope to have the entire history written by the end of summer 2020.

Any amount you can contribute will help. Together we can create something people read for decades to come. Thanks for your help.


For the Good of the Program: A Century of Summer Camp at Middle Tennessee’s Boxwell

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