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Boxwell T-Shirts: Old Hickory Boxwell, 1997

The staff t-shirt disappeared during the Willhite era, replaced by the ubiquitous red staff hat. To see the progression of the staff hat, go here:

For 20 years, staff still had a “Class B” uniform and it still required a Scouting related t-shirt. But this shirt was primarily a Boxwell t-shirt sold at the Trading Post. Older staff passed down their used t-shirts to new staff and new t-shirts were acquired as new designs became available. A free or discounted “starter” shirt was often given to new staff, but only one. None of these had “staff” on them. Thus, staff were essentially walking product advertisements for the Trading Post during the Willhite years.

In 1997, the modern era of staff t-shirts began. New Reservation Director Ron Turpin introduced a simple shirt, seen here. On the breast of a heather grey t-shirt was a maroon eagle over the classic Chuck Creasy “Boxwell” logo (hmm… that looks familiar). For the first time, the back of the shirt said clearly “STAFF,” also in maroon letters. The modern staff shirt was born. Every year since has had a unique staff shirt design in addition to a unique staff hat.

1997 staff shirt

The first staff t-shirt of the modern era.

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