Boxwell Interview Transcription Project

I need your help.  But first, a little backstory, if you will…

VirtualBoxwell started as an e-mail distribution list back in 1998. That grew into website. The first version of went live in 2001. It was simple and incomplete, but was a start. (See version 1 and the others below)
Version 2 launched in 2003. This version had the first virtual museum as well as a staff news blog. The first post was Sunday, January 12, 2003, welcoming people to the site. Posts were intermittent but the last post on this version was Wednesday, May 9, 2012, announcing the passing of former Reservation Director Ed Human.
Version 3–the current version–went live in August 2012 after two years of background work. The “Staff News” blog welcomed visitors on August 26, 2012. A “Photo of the week” series started the following month, which turned into “From the Archives” on November 18, 2012. VirtualBoxwell then joined Facebook in January 2013 and here we are.
I explain all this to show that I’ve been trying to deliver Boxwell news and stories for over 20 years now. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and have met some great people as a result of this work.
Now, I’m asking you to give back.
If every person who has “Liked” the VirtualBoxwell Facebook page since 2013 gave just $10 to the GoFundMe campaign, I would reach my goal immediately. If every person gave $20, I would reach the goal and be able to fund VirtualBoxwell and this work for years to come.
If you’ve enjoyed what I’ve been doing here, if you want to see that complete history of 100 years of Boxwell, help me finish this work. Please, contribute to the GoFundMe campaign to transcribe the audio interviews I’ve conducted. Let’s complete this work together!
Cover 4

Possible cover and title for the Centennial History of Boxwell

VB1 version 1, designed by Chris Davis. 2001.

VB2 version 2, designed by Michael Eades. 2003.

VB3 version 3, designed by Grady Eades. 2012.

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