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Boxwell T-Shirts: Old Hickory Boxwell, 2014

As mentioned last week, since 1997 there has been a new staff t-shirt every week. Both the hat and the t-shirt have changed every year. To see the staff hats, go here:

Since 1997, the designs have run the spectrum, even including staff designed shirts and camp specific shirts. The modern era has been a veritable golden age of t-shirt design. And while the last 20 years have given us a variety of options to choose from, we wanted to focus on one particularly unique design.
In September 2013, former Reservation Director Tom Willhite passed away. The 2014 staff hat and t-shirt paid homage to Willhite. Predmoninately red (a reference to red staff hats) both the shirt and the hat had “T.W.” on them. Seen here, the red 2014 staff t-shirt has a yellow eagle on the front, a Scouting version of the Tennessee flag, and “T.W.” on the sleeve. To our knowledge, this is the first and only time this type of memorial has happened.
Willhite t-shirt

The 2014 staff t-shirt paying homage to former Reservation Director Tom Willhite

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