Interview Transcription Project

This young man is none other than JJ Norman. I interviewed JJ on April 10, 2018 and we discussed JJ’s time at the modern Boxwell. Specifically, we spoke about his time on Shooting sports, in the Activity Yard, as AY Director, and as Program Director at Camp Craig. We also spoke about staff traditions and working for Carl Adkins. All of this was done sitting on the veranda of Camp Craig dining hall, per J. J.’s request.

But perhaps the most important thing we discussed was JJ’s experience on Boxwell staff and in Scouting as a gay man. To say this interview “got real” would be an understatement. It is probably the most heartfelt and sincere conversation I’ve recorded.

The interview was also over three and a half hours and needs to be transcribed.

My conversation with JJ is a great example of how Boxwell has been a haven, a safe place for so many. I want to tell that story.

Please, help me reach my goal. Contribute to the Boxwell Interview Transcription Project: to get this interview transcribed so I can produce a history of Camp Boxwell for its centennial in 2021.


JJ Norman at Camp Craig, April 2018

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