Interview Transcription Project

Allow me to introduce you to two of the three Human Sisters. That’s Cindy Human on the left and elder sister Lisa McCormack on the right (not pictured is LeAnn Hilliard). These are the daughters of former Reservation Director Ed Human and I sat down with them in July of 2016.
Obviously, we discussed their father and what they remembered of Ed and his work with the Scouts. But of equal importance was their time at Camp Murrey, the family camp. From 1970 to 1975, the girls spent every summer, ALL summer at Murrey. The girls quite literally grew up at Boxwell. This interview captures a world that no longer exists as Murrey disappeared with the arrival of CubWorld in 1995.
The interview was approximately two hours long and… wait for it… needs to be transcribed.
My conversation with Ed Human’s daughters explores the importance of family to Boxwell, both the literal version and the figurative version. I want to tell that story.
Please, help me reach my goal. Contribute to the Boxwell Interview Transcription Project: to get this interview transcribed so I can produce a history of Camp Boxwell for its centennial in 2021.
Human sisters

Two of the three Human Sisters, July 2016.

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