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Craig Dining Hall Roof Renovations

The start of summer camp 2019 is just a few weeks away. As we often try to do, if there are changes that have been made to camp, we try to showcase those at the start of the camping season. There have been a few renovations with Craig Dining Hall getting the lion’s share. We’ll be showing those changes over the next few weeks.

To start, we’ll take a look at the Craig Dining Hall roof. The roof was the scene of some fairly major work. Not only has the metal roof been replaced, but the roof itself has been physically cut back from its original design. We’ll publish photos of the finished roof in a few weeks, but this week we’ll show some “work in progress” photos.

In the first photo, you can clearly see two images of the roof. On the left is the roof after the metal covering has been removed, showing the original brown shingles. Yep, originally Craig dining hall roof was brown shingles and the word was that it leaked pretty badly. NOte at the top of this photo the metal triangle. In the photo to the right, the metal roofing and the shingles have been removed. AND the roof itself has been cut into a hard right angle.


Roof Cuts

Note the shingles as well as the pre-cut and cut areas.

The next double photo shows this change even better. Both photos are looking at the front of the dining hall, right above the veranda. The top photo is the original roof and the original gradual angle. Below is the same area cut with a much more abrupt angle. You can clearly see the benefit though–not more large span of unsupported roof.

Veranda Roof

A closer look at the cut areas around the Veranda.

The final double set is one of the “wings,” a side entrance into the dining hall. On both wings and around the loading dock, two feet of roof were cut back. The left photo shows the original roof, while the right shows the same entrance with the roof cut back. Again, the smaller overhang ultimately makes for a stronger roof.

Roof cuts

The side entrance overhands were cut back a full two feet.

Still, the cuts are a bit jarring at first glance. This was how the dining hall looked in the fall of 2018. It looks MUCH better now, but more on that in the coming weeks…

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