Interview Transcription Project

This gentlemen is Howard Gentry. He’s the Criminal Court Clerk for Metro Nashville. He was also a camper at Boxwell Reservation in the 1960s, when the camp was integrating.
I ran across Howard’s name in some newspaper research and was able to conduct an interview with him on November 20, 2017. He was quite eager to talk about his time at camp and spoke about how he and his fellow Scouts were responsible for integrating Boxwell in the mid-1960s. And while this was interesting, he also told me about the segregated camp he attended before Boxwell, a place called Camp Tagatay at Fort Campbell. Needless to say, I got quite a bit of information about black Scouting in the late 1950s and 1960s!
The interview was a little over an hour long and is one of the ones I need transcribed.
Howard’s story is critical to the bigger story of Boxwell’s centennial. The first three Boxwells were completely segregated, so taking a look at how race fits into Scouting and the summer camp program is important. This is part of the story I want to tell.
Please, help me reach my goal; time is running out! Contribute to the Boxwell Interview Transcription Project: to get this interview transcribed so I can produce a history of Camp Boxwell for its centennial in 2021.

Howard Gentry, November 2017

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