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Craig Dining Hall Interior Renovations

We continue our look this week at the changes out at Boxwell for the 2019 season, specifically at Camp Craig where some major dining hall renovations have been in the works. Last week, we looked at the exterior changes. This week we’ll look at the interior. On the 26th, we’ll show the dining hall as it now looks.

But for this week, let’s take a look inside. There were several major changes to the inside of the dining hall, starting with with the support structures. The beams have been shaved (first picture) and reinforced with steel (second picture). The uprights have even been bolted to the floor and a few bad timbers have been completely replaced. The support structure is actually quite a bit stronger than before.

Shaved uprights

Support beams and uprights in Craig Dining Hall, shaved before steel support added.

Steel supports

Steel supports added to the original uprights and beams in the Dining Hall.

The bathrooms–men’s and women’s–were also both gutted. The plan (as we understand it at least) was to expand these rooms. Remember, the Women’s restroom at Craig is only the one toilet. This didn’t quite play out–space remains an issue–but the bathrooms have been completely reworked.


The gutted men’s restroom in Craig dining hall.

And finally, the doors and the windows are been replaced. While the doors are not an enormous gain, the windows are. Tempered glass that shades with sunlight, these are dramatic improvement to a space that had to hang tarps to keep the sun out in the summer time! (last picture)


New glass waiting to be installed.

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