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Craig Dining Hall Completed Renovations

As we promised last week, this week we’ll actually take a look at what the completed renovations at Camp Craig look like. Some of the photos from the last two weeks looked a little dire, but we assure you, once you see the completed work, you’ll breath a sign of relief!

First, the bathrooms. It is hard to get a single photo that shows the improvements in the bathrooms, but you should be able to tell from this image that the bathroom aesthetic is markedly improved.


Men’s Restroom, Craig Dining Hall, 2019 Renovations

Second, here is that same exterior door we looked at before where the roof was cut back two feet. With the new roof on, the cut is doesn’t seem nearly as dramatic and things looks basically normal.

Cut Back

Craig Dining Hall Roof Cut-Back, 2019 Renovations

Third is the back dock. Here you can see several things. There is the new roof as well as new doors. The cutting back of the back dock roof led to the installation of new upright timbers and a small fence around exterior garbage cans. Who likes to see garbage cans?

Back Dock

Craig Dining Hall, Back Dock, 2019 Renovations

Finally, a good interior view of the new steel supports with the lights re-hung. In many ways, the new beams look natural, as if they were always part of the plan. More difficult to discern are the new windows, but trust us, they’re there!


Craig Dining Hall, Interior Steel Supports, 2019 Renovations

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