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Staff Week 2019

Staff Week is the period before summer camp starts when the staff puts together camp. The general purpose is the same: physically set up camp and train the staff on their jobs and responsibilities. For a young first year staff member, it may be the hardest work he or she has ever encountered. For a seasoned staff member, staff week is fun from start finish. Work, yes, but a great opportunity to get reacquainted with old friends and laugh about years passed.

This past week saw the Boxwell staff–Stahlman, Craig, Cubworld, Parnell, Reservation–work to prep the camp and practice the little things, like marching in, dining hall program, flag lowering, and saying grace. Mid-week the staff got a nice meal to help carry them through; Friday came with campfire practice. Every day was full, with training and activities starting early in the morning and continuing long after the sun set.

Seen here are some of the Reservation leadership surveying the troops before dinner at Camp Craig. From left to right are COPE Director Rhen Hughey, Reservation Director Jason Flannery, Craig Camp Director Perry Bruce, and Stahlman Camp Director Steve Eubank. Summer camp 2019 is about to begin….

2019 leadership

Some of the 2019 Leadership: Hughie, Flannery, Bruce, and Eubank

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