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Kitchen Patrol at Linton

We’re going way back this week, almost to the very beginning. This week’s photo from the Archives comes from the Linton Boxwell and features none other than Leslie G. Boxwell himself. More on that in a moment.

The first Camp Boxwell was more like a modern day camporee in a lot of ways. Yes, there was a camp cook–Walter Whittaker–and Scouts ate in a “dining hall.” However, they also brought their own dishes and utensils, which they had to wash themselves. Pots and pans were washed in the Little Harpeth River right back the camp. And, because the first Boxwell had basically no staff, all kitchen work was done by Scout volunteers. Yes, that’s right. The Scouts who were there for the week got K.P. (Kitchen Patrol) duty. And that’s what’s happening here.

This photo appeared in the July 30 issue of the Nashville Banner, the first in a set of three. The caption for this specific photo read, “The top picture shows L. G. Boxwell, chairman of the annual Boy Scout camp for whom the camp at Linton is named, heading the line of, otherwise known as kitchen mechanics at the Boy Scout cam. The dusty figure in the center is none other than Walter, the camp cook, who knowns to sling hash and sing along with the best of them. The way the boys take to Walter’s three squares daily would give joy to the soul of a dyspectic.”

And so, to the far left, none other than L. G. Boxwell himself. Camp cook Walter Whittaker takes the center position. And surrounding them are Scouts at camp for the week.

Linton KP

L. G. Boxwell, Walter Whittaker, and Scouts on K. P., July 30, 1922

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