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Campwide Orienteering Course

For a number of years, Boxwell had a campwide orienteering course. The course was built by Lance Ussery and Green Bar Bill in 1986.

The famous Scouter William “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt visited Boxwell in 1986 (From the News; From the Archives). One afternoon,¬†Hillcourt and an 18-year-old Lance Ussery wandered the Reservation, laying out the course. Ussery explained the situation in an interview earlier this year:

“Green Bar Bill came to camp and spent a whole day here. That’s where the– I Like Bananas, Coconuts and Grapes song came from. He led that at lunch. I was 18-years-old and was informed that I was spending the afternoon with this old man. That’s really all he was to me at the time. They wanted me to set up an orienteering course, and we plotted more orienteering course out and we went and set up most of it. I don’t think he did every point with me, but we spent the whole afternoon together setting up this course. If we didn’t set the posts, we went and marked things, so that I could set the posts afterward. Looking back, what’s that 32, 33 years now, as I’m 51 years old now, and I’ve had a direct connection to Baden Powell I mean, one step. As I get older that becomes more and more, it becomes cooler and cooler…”

A smaller course was developed for Craig in 1990 by Don Viar. The map seen here is Viar’s map for the Craig course. However, once the course was “put on file” in the Crab, Business Manager Russ Parham came back and drew in the additional posts from the campwide course that Ussery built with Hillcourt. The hand-drawn circles are Parham’s additions to Viar’s map.

And the course itself? Pieces of it are still out there. If you run across a 4×4 post sticking out of the ground with a white and red striped top, you’ve found one of the old Orienteering posts.


Don Viar’s early computer map of the 1990 orienteering course he built. The hand drawn circles (mostly to the left) are from Russ Parham, adding in Lance Ussery’s 1986 campwide course

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