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The Seymore Duck shirts

Today, Boxwell t-shirts based on popular culture–The Avengers or Ghostbusters movies for example–are pretty common place. In the 1980s, they weren’t. In fact, until this point, camp t-shirts had been very “Scout-y” themes: canoes, wilderness, maps, eagles, and Native Americans. All were fairly common.

In 1986, the owner of Richards and Southern Screenprinters, Terry Calonge, had an idea. Richards and Southern Screenprinters was the company that printed Boxwell’s t-shirts at the time and Calonge suggested that in order to help Trading Post sales, a new theme that appealed to younger Scouts was needed. From here, “Seymore Duck” (as in “see more duck”) was born.

As Russ Parham, Reservation Business manager at the time, explains, “I recall Terry asking me what animal did I associate with Boxwell and I immediately thought of a duck (or rather the ever present Canadian Geese). After discussing what Scout Craft skills were most difficult to master, we decided on fire starting. Terry’s art department then took charge and developed the idea and theme.” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had just recently burst onto the scene (1984), and the “Quack Patrol” was inspired by this.

The Seymore Duck theme lasted a few summers and then faded away. The first two years were the most popular. Again, Parham explains, “Tom Willhite had a rather reserved view of ‘Seymore’ but allowed me to try out the idea. (The key was that I did not lose money on Seymore!).” From a simple concept a new trend was introduced that remains to this day.

Shown here was the first Seymore Duck design, discussed above, and sold at Boxwell Trading Posts in 1986.

Seymore Duck

The first t-shirt to feature Seymore Duck, the start of a shirt design geared toward younger Scouts

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