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Junior Leaders at the Narrows, 1939

For a little longer than a decade, Camp Boxwell was run by an adult staff. There were a handful of paid staff–the camp director, the waterfront director, the medic, the cook–but virtually every instructor and every other “staff” member was an adult volunteer. Scoutmasters or people supportive of the program would come out to Boxwell for a week or two and teach the skills to the Scouts in camp.

All of this changed in the early 1930s. Likely tested by the end of 1931 but clearly and officially part of the Boxwell program from 1932 on, Junior Leaders became part of the camp staff. Throughout the years at the Narrows, these Junior Leaders were Eagle Scouts and usually had attended Boxwell as campers. There were never more than 8 of these Junior Leaders any summer and they did everything from digging latrines to teaching merit badges to running campfire and church services.

Seen here is one of the earliest known photos of Boxwell’s Junior Leaders. From left to right are O. E. Brandon, George Stone, Roy Shaub, and Gerald Greene. Kneeling is Joe Gilliam. The notes from O. E. Brandon has the photo dated as 1939 and this additional message: “Ensign Gerald Greene killed in action in WWII during Battle of South China Sea while flying a torpedo bomber. His name is listed at Punchboxwell Cemetery as “Lost at Sea.” Of course, in 1939, these five boys hamming it up for the camera during a little down time between sessions of camp could hardly know what the future would hold for them…

Junior Leaders

1939 Junior Leaders at Camp Boxwell. L-R: O. E. Brandon, George Stone, Roy Shaub, and Gerald Greene. Kneeling is Joe Gilliam.

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