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Silver Tray

The Sterling Silver Tray presented to E. B. Stahlman at the conclusion of the 1959 Capital Campaign.

Stahlman’s Platter

In 1959, Middle Tennessee Council embarked on a Capital Development Campaign to build a new Boxwell Reservation at Old Hickory Lake. The $800,000+ campaign ended up bringing in over $1 million. Co-owner of the _Nashville Banner_ E. B. Stahlman chaired the campaign.

Stahlman had been an active player in Scouting in middle Tennessee for some time; he had been especially active in the development of the fourth Boxwell. Indeed, Council President Charles Parish credited Stahlman with securing the Congressional act that gave the Council clear title to 525 acres that served as the core of the new camp. Without this title, construction could not have happened. From that point forward and for the next several years, Edward Bushrod Stahlman, Jr. was an indispensable partner in making the new Boxwell a reality.

On June 15, 1959, out on the property that would become Boxwell Reservation on Old Hickory Lake, the Council celebrated the end of a successful capital campaign. The purpose of the meeting was for Stahlman to present a final report of the campaign and present awards to campaign’s over achievers. Indeed, many were recognized that night, including the Banner itself for its support and coverage of the campaign as well as Justin “Jet” Potter, whose endowment fund gave a contribution amounting to 4% of the campaign’s goal.

However, at one point in the program, the current Council President F. Murray Acker took to the stage. In a surprise presentation, he presented Stahlman with the sterling silver tray seen here.

The tray is engraved with the following, “TO Edward B. Stahlman, Jr., In Appreciation For Distinguished Leadership. Boxwell Reservation, 1959.” As Murrey stated, “No man in this council has worked more unselfishly or deserves this recognition more than does our general chairman, E. B. Stahlman.”

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