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The Death of E. B. Stahlman
This week we take a look at a short, but somber moment. E. B. Stahlman was not only the Vice-President and co-publisher of the _Nashville Banner_, but he had been absolutely critical to securing the land and leading the capital development campaign for the Old Hickory Boxwell. As a result of his work, Camp Stahlman was named for him. He suffered a debilitating stroke in 1968 and passed away at home on Wednesday, June 12, 1974.
Pearl Schleicher, the camp cook from 1962 through 1994, remembered the moment when the news reached camp. In this week’s anecdote, Schleicher relates the story to Kerry Parker and Russ Parham in an audio interview on July 17, 2001. Schleicher was approximately 92 years old at the time. She passed away in 2004.
Pearl Schleicher: [Ward Akers] came in the kitchen over there one morning, right at breakfast time, went directly into the store [room] and Ed [Human, Reservation Director] went in there with him. And he stayed and stayed and stayed. Finally, Ed come out and when he did, I went in. I said, “Mr. Akers, come and eat some breakfast.” And the tears were dropping off on the floor. He had lost his best friend. And I said something about Mr. Evans. His name Evans?
Kerry Parker: No, Stahlman. E. B. Stahlman.
Pearl: Stahlman! I said, “just come on out here and eat.” And them tears were really dropping. I couldn’t imagine what was making him cry so. And then when he said, “Well doll, I’ve lost the best friend I’ve ever had. The best friend I’ve ever had.” He repeated it! And I said, “Well come on and eat something, you’ll feel better.” “Doll, I don’t want anything. I’m full.” He meant he was full of grief, I reckon is what he meant.
Kerry: Now, this was at breakfast time that he came in? And E. B. Stahlman is the man that was instrumental in Camp Stahlman, the camp where you were working at the kitchen, right? And him and Akers were…
Pearl: I just forgot his name.
Kerry: E. B. Stahlman, yeah. Well, that’s interesting. Did you ever see Mr. Akers cry before?
Pearl: No, he was always so jolly.
Kerry: Yeah. I never did either, so I thought that was a very interesting story to see the human side of Mr. Akers.
Pearl: Well he had it. He had that human side.
The Death of E. B. Stahlman
Interview with Pearl Schleicher, February 17, 2001

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