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New Traditions

Boxwell is steeped in traditions. Some traditions fade away, others stay across generations. But what if you had the opportunity to make wholly new traditions from scratch? This is the reality that CubWorld staffs have been faced with for some time. With a quarter century under it’s belt now, the newest camp at Boxwell is sometimes still not seen as a co-equal staff or program by it’s “bigger brothers.” Nevertheless, these are Scouts on a Scout camp staff and they are making traditions all their own.

A simple tradition is recognizing their own staff. As the Boy Scout camps have noted for some time, that year’s staff is only together once and never again. CubWorld takes that idea to the next level and memorializes that year’s staff. This is done by staff made “plaques” that hang in the dining hall, right alongside the National Camp School Inspection pennants. Every year a new marker is added to the wall, taking note of all the staff from that summer. What happens when that wall fills? A new tradition will be born…

Seen here is one of the very first of these plaques, this one created by Program Director Dominick Azzara. The “Zulu Shield” motif fit with the “Jungle Book” theme the camp was using that summer and that idea of theme related plaques continues to this day.

CubWorld Shield, 2007

A Memorial for the 2007 CubWorld Staff, created by Program Director Dominick Azzara.

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