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The Murrey Bell

Have you ever wandered around the CubWorld dining hall and noticed that large silver bell next the loading dock? What is that bell there for? Good question!

In “the old days,” the bell was used at Camp Murrey as a bugle replacement. While Stahlman and Parnell had buglers as part of their staffs, Murrey did not. The bell thus served in that role to notify families of the daily schedule, such as meal times.

Cindy Human, one of the daughters of Reservation Director Ed Human (1970-1975), explained it this way: “[T]hey had big dinner bell right outside the back steps of the Murrey dining hall, and they rang that at I don’t know, seven o’clock in the morning. That was your wake up call. The bell rang to wake up and then 30 minutes later it ring again telling you you had like 10 minutes for breakfast, and then it would ring when you could come into the dining hall to eat breakfast…. It became the dinner bell [too]. They would ring that and then they would ring it 30 minutes before lunch, and then when it was time to go in… because they would keep the doors locked while they were setting the tables and everything. And then once they had everything ready they’d ring the bell again and we’d go in for lunch and then the same thing for dinner.”

Pictured here is the bell in the modern day. Like the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, it is mostly there for show today, but there was a time when it served a more glorious function!

Murrey Bell

The bell at Murrey Dining Hall, located right next to the loading dock.

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