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Hook Pens

If you were at Boxwell in the late 1980s or early 1990s, the item featured here will likely seem familiar to you. Sold at the Trading Post for a dollar, these “hook pens” were to fulfill a simple purpose: have a pen that couldn’t be easily lost.

Honestly, there isn’t a truly a harrowing story behind the pens. Russ Parham, the Business manager at the time, was often on the look out for new items. As he explained, “I often liked to visit the showrooms of several souvenir or novelty shops in Nashville and I found this item at Golderner and Associates. They came in 5 to 6 different colors and were a good seller for about 6 years. The idea is that you could hook this pen on your belt loop and minimize loosing it from your pocket, your sock or just dropping it while in camp.”

Branded with the message “I’m Hooked on the Great Camping at Boxwell Reservation,” the pens were popular… for a time. They were sold for about six years, but at one dollar, the¬†writing utensils¬†were (perhaps not surprisingly) cheap on the quality. Numerous refunds were given for pens that couldn’t even last the week.

Nevertheless, they are wonderful curio of that particular period. If you were at Boxwell in this period, you probably had one (if not several) of these pens.

Hook Pen

A Boxwell “hook” pen, ca. 1995

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