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Brownsea 1993

Every now and then, usually at the end of the year, I’ll throw out something that is a bit more personal to my experience at Boxwell. That will be the case this week, as this will be the last “From the Archives” post for the year. So, no grand history on Brownsea, just my experience.

1993 was the only summer I worked Brownsea staff. The Scoutmaster that summer was Lance Ussery–also of Boxwell staff fame–and Lance had recruited myself, Jason Bradford, and several other camp staff members that summer. Mike Venable, Bryan Doersam, Steve Wolverton, Mike Cloyd, John Neal, Nathan Saunders, and Jeremiah Cooper–all in the photo here–were all part of the 1993 staff. Josh Sain and Ben Whitehouse (opposite ends of the back row, respectively) would join the following summer.

Brownsea was held in the Craig Athletic Field after the last week of camp. I had come up early that summer, so by Brownsea, I was working on my seventh or eighth week at Boxwell. I had never been through Brownsea as a Scout, so this was a crash course in a totally new Scouting leadership program for me. I would recognize many of the elements in the fall when I participated in Woodbadge, but that summer was a matter of just staying a step or so ahead of the Scouts. I’m sure no one has ever had that experience before.

You can find me in the front row, third from the left. I was 18 years old and freshly graduated from high school. And while I didn’t know it at the time, I was halfway through my time on camp staff.

Brownsea Staff

The 1993 Brownsea staff, or at least most of it. Photo from Bryan Doersam.

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