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Boxwell Reservation History

As we explained back in October 2018, the history of Boxwell has been a changing story. Just like the Rock Island camp created a story for itself, so too did the Old Hickory Location. In fact, what you see here is one of the very first attempts at writing that “new” history.

There are several things that are interesting here and quite different from modern tellings of Boxwell Reservation. First, there is no mention of the different camps. Though Stahlman, Parnell, Murrey, and Light all opened in the summer of 1960, none are referenced here. Second, the history focuses a lot on the process of how the property came to be Boxwell. As the summer camp had not yet opened, there wasn’t much more to say.

This page came from the very first Staff Handbook in 1960. There was still plenty of time to build a history…

staff manual

Page Four of the first Boxwell staff manual, 1960

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