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Preparing for Inspection

Campsite inspections go way back in Boxwell’s history… basically back to the beginning. We can find inspections at the Linton Boxwell back in the 1920s. Not surprisingly, inspections then were a little different that the modern versions!

First of all, Linton only had 8-10 tents. These were large tents, with eight boys each, but that still meant that inspecting the “entire camp” was a much smaller task. Next, the rewards were a little different as well. If your tent won inspection for the day, you got a flag–a pennant really–to hang on your tent. Basically, there was some visible reward on a daily basis before the weekly award at the end of the camp period.

Most importantly, “A Scout Is Clean” had a higher bar. Not only did the tent have to be respectable, which mean sweeping the dirt around your tent with a branch of some kind, but so too did the tent’s occupants. At inspection after breakfast every morning, the inspection was done by Coach Anderson (or whoever was standing in as Camp Director that day) and the camp medic. The medic inspected the boys… all the way down to their fingernails!

The photo here shows not only the tents used as Linton, but MOST of the “camp” area. The Scouts have lined up outside their tent, preparing for the morning inspection.

Linton inspection

Scouts at Camp Boxwell at Linton preparing for their daily inspection.

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