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Milk Crates

In the 1980s and 1990s (perhaps earlier, perhaps later, but definitely then), milk crates were an essential part of camp existence. Milk cartons were delivered to Boxwell in blue plastic crates. These were used at Stahlman to store milk and then to transport milk to the satellite camps. They were supposed to be kept and stored and then returned so they could be used. That was the plan at least.

As it turns out, sometimes those milk crates walked off. They inexplicably found their way into staff tents to serve as storage or seating. Some even left the property entirely, traveling to parts unknown to partake in adventures that only the milk crate and their owners can attest to.

And then, sometimes, they were used for fun. Milk crates were used for dining hall shenanigans. And sometimes, when enough milk crates were sitting around, people got bored and decided to see just how high a stack they could make. Here is the some of the Parnell staff doing just that in 1981. Pictured are two unknowns along with Tom Roussin and Kevin Hayes, who was the kitchen director. According to Jim Butler, the staff member who had the photo, the milk man was not happy about this arrangement when he came for pick up!

Milk Crates

Stacking Milk Crates at Parnell Dining Hall

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