Council Centennial, February 26, 2020

The First Middle Tennessee Council

Believe it or not, our beloved Middle Tennessee Council is not the first Middle Tennessee Council. From its formation in 1920 until Ward Akers reorganized the council and renamed it in January 1949, the current MTC was first the Nashville Council. But there was another…

The first Middle Tennessee Council was formed in 1928 and was rooted in Columbia, TN. However, it’s service area was quite large, basically encircling much of the Nashville Council. The cities of Columbia, Lebanon, Clarksville, and Dickson were all served by this Council, as were the counties of Cheatham, DIckson, Humphreys, Houston, Hickman, Lewis, Montgomery, Perry, Robertson, Stewart, Trousdale, Wilson, and Williamson Counties.

This enormous area was led by Major Howard Gaillard as Scout Executive. They had a summer camp at Ruskin Cave in Dickson County. They even had a scholarship for boys to attend Castle Heights Military Academy in Lebanon.

Sadly, the original MTC was short lived. 1928 may have been a great year and 1929 started off well too, but by the start of 1930, the Great Depression was exerting its economic pressure. By May of 1930, the first Middle Tennessee Council folded with most of its service area merging with (and therefore enlarging) the Nashville Council. It would be almost 20 years before another Middle Tennessee Council existed.

Council Strip

Middle Tennessee Council Strip, year unknown

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Middle Tennessee Council Strip, courtesy of Boyd Williams and Middle Tennessee Council Patches:

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