From the Archives, March 15, 2020

Parham and Schleichers

There is often no explaining why it is people took photos of the things they took photos of! What may have made perfect sense at the time become head scratchers twenty or thirty years down the road. And that’s the case here.

This week’s photo is photo of Russ Parham, Reservation Business Manager, center, speaking with Pearl Schleicher, the head cook, and her husband John. What the topic of conversation was is lost to history. Other photos in this group put the year about 1990.

Of course, what does make the photo interesting are the personal stories and how camp life evolves. Parham had started in the kitchen working for Schleicher in 1970 at 15 years old. By 1976, he had been Kitchen Director, a Commissioner (under the Commissioner system), and then Program Director. Within another five, he was Business Manager and having conversations like this regularly with Schleicher.

Schleicher came on in 1962 and stayed until 1994. To say she had a deeply personal connection to Boxwell would be an understatement. But that bond that Schleicher and Parham formed is just one of the many personal stories that made camp life so important to so many…

Parham and Schleicher

From left to right: Pearl Schleicher, Russ Parham, and John Schleicher, Stahlman kitchen, ca. 1990

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