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Parnell Lunchtime, 1985

Two incredibly mundane photos this week, except they aren’t! Today, Parnell dining hall has been transformed into the Reservation’s STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Center. This means the floor space is partitioned into large cubicles, or teaching areas, for Robotics and Electricity and the like. It’s impressive, but it is a wild re-engineering of the space.

Originally, Parnell Dining Hall was… well, a dining hall. It was a wide open space and people ate meals there. And people ate meals there from 1960 until 1998, when Parnell closed. In the off season, the dining hall was used as a storage facility, mostly for cots and mattresses.

Shown here is the Parnell Dining Hall in 1985. The building is still is good shape and still being used for its intended function. Still, it is in a bit of a hybrid state. By 1985, the entire reservation has moved to cafeteria style feeding (trays), but the square tables are relics of the monitor-host (family style) system. Still, as long as the pitcher for bug juice was filled and the program was entertaining, it is doubtful most Scouts–or even staff–were aware of or even cared about the changes.

Parnell lunch

Parnell Dining hall at lunch time, 1985

Parnell 1985

Parnell Dining Hall at lunch time, 1985

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