From the Archives, May 3, 2020

Stahlman Rainbow

Have you had a rough 2020 so far? Coronavirus and quarantines and home schooling and home working and whatever else stressing you out? Here’s your small little dose of happy to make things better!

This week is about as simple as it gets: a rainbow. Following a good “Boxwell dew,” here is a rainbow as seen from Stahlman’s assembly area, the OA Lodge seen down in the left corner. It may not be the best rainbow you’ve ever seen at Boxwell, but it is one of the few you’ll see in a photograph!

If you’re a Boxwell staff member, don’t forget to tell us where you for the Centennial Commemorations! Please follow and forward this link:


Rainbow from Stahlman’s Assembly area

One thought on “From the Archives, May 3, 2020

  1. John Kasper has a picture taken from the front porch of the health lodge of the POT OF GOLD as one end of the rainbow hit the ground near the water tank

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