2020 Boxwell Staff Census

2020 Staff CensusGreetings Boxwell Staff member,

As you may be aware, 2020 is the centennial of the Middle Tennessee Council. Next year, 2021, is the centennial of Boxwell.  Events are being planned to commemorate both events.

Obviously, there will be a staff reunion in 2021.  But there will also be a staff alumni event at the Council’s Centennial Jamboree. The goal of the Reunion Committee is to track down every single staff member who has served on Boxwell staff.  And we need your help to do it.

Please follow the link below, which will give you a few more details and then send you to a Google document to update your contact information. With this information, we will be able to keep you up to date with these upcoming events as we are confident you will want to participate!

But more importantly, we share this link so that you can share it with your camp friends.  Please, send this link to any and every camp staff member you know; ask them to do the same.  Consider this the Boxwell Centennial Census and we need your help to complete it!

We’re looking forward to tracking everyone down and seeing you either this October, next summer, or both.

Please follow and forward this link: http://www.virtualboxwell.org/2021_staff_reunion.php

Grady Eades
2021 Reunion Committee Chairman


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