From the Archives, May 24, 2020

The Servicemen

As we celebrate Memorial Day weekend, it seemed like a good time to touch on a part of Boxwell’s history that is all but forgotten today: servicemen who served on camp staff.

From the opening of Boxwell at Old Hickory Lake all the way to the mid-1990s, the camp utilized enlisted men. Usually loaners from Fort Campbell, these men (and occasionally women in later years) served as either the medic or the ranger officer. In some years, there would be several GIs on reservation–ranger officers at Stahlman and Parnell/Craig and as Reservation medic, or before the Health Lodge as camp medics. These weren’t guaranteed every year, but they were present more often than not in some capacity.

And just so there is no question, these individuals were part of the staff. They lived with the staff, they did the work, they participated in pranks, the whole nine yards… though some with more enthusiasm than others. Still, they were a critical component of the camp staff and the Boxwell experience.

Here are two such men from July 1960. While the full names are unknown, the photo is labelled “Medic and Range Officer Thompson.” They appear to be taking a break on the beach at the Stahlman Waterfront, July 1960.

And so, here’s a salute to all those who served in the military and on our camp staff. Happy Memorial Day.


Camp Medic and Ranger Officer Thompson, Camp Stahlman, July 1960

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