Remembering the Staff, 1960s

With Boxwell operating the Merit Badge Weekend program this month, this is as close to a 2020 summer camp staff we’re going to get! So, with that in mind, we return to our yearly Remember the Staff series.

1960 was the first year the Reservation at Old Hickory Lake was open. James “Foxy” Johnson was the Reservation director. Chester LaFever ran Stahlman and and Charlie Thompson ran Parnell. We say “ran” because both men were the Camp Directors. Robert Nicholson was the Program Director at Parnell and we’re not even sure that Stahlman had a program director! Things were already beginning to change from Rock Island… Harold Hitt ran the Ski Dock and Coleman Wright was the ranger.

There are no staff photos from that year. Here then is a photo of the dedication ceremonies at Stahlman on July 9, 1960.

A photo from the helicopter tours at the 1960 dedication ceremonies, July 9.

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