Remembering the Staff, 1970

We continue our look at the Boxwell Staffs through the decades. 50 years ago was the 1970 staff. The 1972 Capital Campaign was being quietly developed. The growth over the preceding years were strong enough to seriously consider a third resident camp.

In 1970, Ward Akers was still Council Executive. Ed Human came on as Reservation Director during Staff Week because the previous director Bruce Atkins had accepted a position for his own council. Jimmy Joe Jackson was entering his last year as Program Director at Parnell and Ted Naylor was serving his single year as Program Director at Stahlman. Kerry Parker ran the Boat Harbor and Bobby Smith was the ranger. Elizabeth Jackson ran Camp Murrey.

There are no staff photos for any of these years. The best we can do is this Stahlman Kitchen staff photo from 1970. Pearl Schleicher still ran the kitchen. Jerry Barnett was Stahlman Kitchen Director. And the photo belongs to the collection of first year staff member Russ Parham.

Stahlman Kitchen Staff, 1970
Stahlman Kitchen Staff, 1970

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