From the Archives, September 6, 2020

Centennial Campaign

As we do from time to time, we thought we would explore a theme this month. Generally, the From the Archives series explores Boxwell’s past. This month we have a rare opportunity to explore Boxwell’s future. This month we’re going to look at the current Centennial Capital Development Campaign.

The campaign has several goals we will explore this month, but it is worth noting some work has already been accomplished. The most obvious of these are two new showerhouses on the Reservation. The Main Showerhouse at Craig and Showerhouse 2 at Stahlman have been been torn down and replaced by new buildings. The designs on these buildings follow the existing trends toward increased privacy. There are 10 stalls total in each building, but these are full bathrooms. Once a Scout enters there is a sink, a toilet and a shower all together. These are also all weather showerhouses that can be used year round.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the campaign has slowed dramatically, but some progress has been made on the capital goals. The two recently completed are only the first. The plan is to replace all six showerhouses at Craig and Stahlman.

Showerhouse 2 Stahlman 2020
The new year-round, all weather Showerhouse Two at Camp Stahlman, July 2020
Main Showerhouse, Craig 2020
The new year-round, all weather Main Showerhouse at Camp Craig, July 2020

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