From the Archives, September 27, 2020

Centennial Campaign IV

We conclude our look at the Centennial Capital Campaign this week. The crown jewel of the campaign is the new Leadership Center, a facility to replace the existing Stahlman Dining Hall.

The Leadership Center is a massive project. It will include a new kitchen, dining hall, conference room, and “space for expansion of meeting rooms.” The Center is considered a much needed addition because the current facility is no longer considered safe for the dangerous weather scenarios that move through the region. It is also hoped that on an aesthetic level this new building will prove Camp Stahlman with a rival to raig’s iconic dining hall.

That such a facility is needed is undeniable. Still, it will come at a cost. The current Stahlman Dining Hall will be completely razed in favor of the new building. No bones will be kept, no materials recycled. The Leadership Center will be built on the same site. Currently, no plans exist to salvage “the bones” of the Stahlman Dining Hall and use them for any other purpose. The demolition is scheduled for 2021, the centennial of the first Camp Boxwell at Linton.

Designs from the Hall Group – Architecture and Planning.

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