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Repost from April 28, 2013 || Craig Dining Hall

Part of our plan for celebrating Boxwell’s Centennial was to showcase some of our previous posts. We’ve been making weekly “From the Archives” posts since the end of 2012, so it is likely you might have missed a few items! So, to that end, we wanted to bring a few items back to the forefront… and correct the record if we made any mistakes.

We thought we’d start this process with a “full circle” post. Part of the Council’s Centennial Campaign was to renovate Craig Dining Hall, especially the roof. We showcased some of this work in May 2019. But we thought it might be nice to circle this back around to Craig Dining Hall’s construction in the 1972 Capital Campaign. Below is our original post of Craig’s construction on April 28, 2013. We’ve included a few other related links here as well.

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From the Archives, April 28, 2013

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With the start of summer camp right around the corner, we will be wrapping our exploration of the 1972 Capital Development Campaign soon.  Indeed, there are even some ideas about how to make the summer camp weeks a bit more exciting!

In the meantime, we need to finish up with the aftermath of the ’72 campaign.  And right now, we need to finish Craig Dining Hall.  Here is an interior photo of the dining hall proper, sans roof.

Dining Hall sans roof
An interior photo of the dining hall proper, here is Craig Dining Hall from the inside before the roof is completed.

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