On This Day, March 27

On this day–Monday, March 27, 2002–John Schleicher, long time cook at Boxwell, died. Schleicher’s wife, Pearl, and sister-in-law, Estelle Lankford (known as Mrs. B). were the heart and soul of the Boxwell kitchen from 1962 to 1994. John often joined in the summer, but became a regular fixture in later year. John was 90 years old when he died, preceding Pearl by two and a half years. John worked for Metro schools for 34 years and was a member of both the Masonic Lodge and the Hermitage Church of Christ. He was a gregarious figure at Boxwell and had he uncomfortable habit of pinching youth staff. Pictured here is Pearl and John in the early 1970s.

Pearl and John Schleicher in the Stahlman Kitchen, likely the early 1970s. The one member of the “team” not pictured is “Ms. B,” Pearl’s sister.

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