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Caution Camp Open

Boxwell is graced with a plethora of great looking signs. We’ve showcased the iconic Highway 109 hanging sign. We’ve looked at the Grizzard Gateway. We’ve looked at the Josh Sain Gateway. This week, we look at one of our favorite signs.

Before the brown metal “State Park” style “Boxwell Boy Scout Camp” signs that now appear on the highway (or did before the widening project), there was another sign the announced the imminent approach of Boxwell. It was a half circle sign on a cedar post. It was on Highway 109, heading north, and it announced that Boxwell was ahead on the left.

The best part though was the small metal flap. It spent most of the year up and secured. In the summer, it was opend to reveal the critical message to drivers: “Caution Camp Open.”

We know very little about the details of the sign. This photo was taken in 1975 and it remained in the location approximately 20 more years. We don’t know when exactly it was posted or where it has gone since the mid-1990s, but for a period of years, it was the first signal that camp was just ahead.

In the background, you can see a small ridge to the left of the sign. This was the entrance to Boxwell. Top the hill and you’ll the kudzu planted by Tom Parker, the staff, and generations of Scouts. And then you’d see the hanging sign. Entering Boxwell was clearly a slow burn of anticipation!

Caution Camp Open
The “Caution Camp Open” sign that announced the approach of the reservation on the left.

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