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Aerial Boxwell Repost Round-up

There are still several “repost round-ups” we’d like to do before the year is over. So many themes to explore! For this week though, we thought we’d take to the air!

Over the years, we have posted several aerial images of Boxwell. This week, we combine them all into one big post. Today an aerial photo of camp might not seem like that big a deal what with drones. But for most of Boxwell’s history, getting a good aerial photo was gold. Enjoy!

“LIBERTY” from the Bicentennial Muster in 1976

Narrows of the Harpeth, 1938

Rock Island from 5000 Ft

On This Day, July 9–the first aerial photo of Old Hickory Lake Boxwell on July 9, 1960

“LIBERTY” from the Bicentennial Muster in 1976

Buried Cars (Behind the Compound), 1978

Camp Murrey, 1978

See Rock City, 1991

Assortment of Aerial Photos

More Assorted Aerial Photos

Still More Assorted Aerial Photos

Parnell from the Air

Stahlman from the Air

CubWorld and Boat Harbor from the Air

Reservation from the Air

Boat Harbor by Drone, 2017

Our very first aerial photo we ever published… The Crippled Crab, 1972

Aerial Reservation
Boxwell Reservation from the air. Camp Craig is in the foreground with Explorer Island to the right

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