From the Archives, October 3, 2021

Boxwell History Video: Part 6

We are pleased to premiere our final installment of the History of Boxwell video. This month we conclude our look at Boxwell Reservation at Old Hickory Lake with out third. The first part covered the Akers years, 1960-1975. The second part covered the Willhite era, 1976-1996.

This particular video utilizes pieces of multiple videos over the last twenty five years. Some of these videos were actual promotional videos, whereas others were part of the Leaders’s Guides, which became increasingly electronic and digital. Additionally, it pulls music from The Tennessee Boys (made of mostly Stahlman staff from the late 1990s and early 2000s) as well as a little snippet from the Bloodworth Brothers (made of Craig staff in the 2000s). And, of course, you’ll see photos here we’ve never put out to the public before. It also includes narration by staff members from the period. We hope you enjoy it.

And that’s it. That concludes our video History of Boxwell. We hope you enjoyed them all. More historical material coming next month.

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