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Gaga Ball

Extracurricular games are part of the Boxwell experience. From volleyball to softball to dodgeball, these games have been hallmarks of the summer camp experience, some going all the way back to Linton. Today, the game of choice is Gaga ball.

Played on a dirt court, surrounded by wooden two foot high walls in the shape of an octagon, Gaga Ball is a lot like dodgeball. Once a player is hit by the ball, the player is out. But instead of throwing the ball, the ball is rolled or batted by hand, keeping it moving quickly, but never bouncing out of the court. The game begins when the ball is dropped in the center of the court and everyone yells “Ga” at the first two bounces (hence the name “Ga Ga” ball)… then the eliminations begin.

The game actually originated in Israel in the 1970s (“gaga” is Hebrew for “hit-hit” or “touch-touch”), but started at Boxwell at CubWorld. By about 2018, Gaga ball had moved to the Boy Scout camps as well, replacing the dodgeball courts at Stahlman and Craig.

The younger kids–and some of the younger staff–love the game, often playing well after the sun goes down.

Gaga Ball
Gag Ball at night, June 2021

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