Remembering the Staff

Boxwell Reservation, 1982

A lot had changed by 1982. Hershel Tolbert was now Council Executive. In fact, Ward Akers had died in 1981. Tom Willhite was now Reservation Director. Ernie Ragsdale was Program Director at Stahlman, though we are ashamed to admit we don’t know who either his Camp Director or Commissioner was that summer. Parnell was closed in 1982, so at Camp Craig, Jerry Barnett was Program Director and Larry Green was Camp Director. Gladys Roberts completed a decade long run at Murrey in 1982. The Ski Dock was closed and would be for another 10 years. Willie Claude was Head Ranger. Both photos here taken by Business Manager Russ Parham.

Camp Craig Staff, 1982
Camp Stahlman Staff, 1982

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