From the Archives, July 3, 2022

Closing Campfire

As hard as it may be to believe, summer camp 2022 is almost over. Camp Craig closed this weekend, CubWorld runs its last session starting July 8, and Camp Stahlman is almost done as well. The camping season moves quickly when you are no longer there!

In honor of the closing of Craig this week, we give you this photo of Craig’s Friday Night Campfire area, taken from Duck Head. This campfire area was created as part of Craig’s “Great Flip” in 1995 when the waterfront moved to Duck Head. The old campfire location was where present day site 13 is located and was a terrible location. Campfires were often interrupted by traffic on the channel.

The move of the campfire area to Duck Head was planned in 1995 and work began in 1996 and continued in 1997. The site was used for the first time when Craig re-opened in 1999 and has been the site ever since. This photo was taken in 2008, then 10th summer at this site.

[Correction 07/04: Craig last used this site in 2019. The last two summers, all campfires have been in the Sunday Night Campfire area.]

Craig Friday Night, 2008
The closing campfire at Camp Craig in 2008

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