For the Good of the Program

Gallatin Main Street Festival, 2022

If you’re in the Gallatin area this Saturday, October 1, come to downtown Gallatin for the Main Street Festival. From 11 am to 2pm, I’ll be selling and signing books in front of the Public Library with other local authors. At the very least, come say hello!

For the Good of the Program
For the Good of the Program: A Century of Middle Tennessee Scouting at Boxwell, 1921-2021.

For the Good of the Program

The Fall Book Tour kicks off Wednesday with a live radio interview on “The Loyal Opposition.” The show starts at 5pm and you can tune in at 101.7FM, 1270 AM, or live on the internet by following the link below. I hope you can tune in!…

As always, you can find a paperback copy of the book at…/dp/1734085053/

For the Good of the Program
For the Good of the Program: A Century of Middle Tennessee Scouting at Boxwell, 1921-2021.

From the Archives, September 25, 2022

Murrey’s Waterfront Lifeguard

From roughly 1970 to 1974, Camp Murrey’s Waterfront (today, CubWorld’s “Pirates’ Cove”) was overseen by a young woman named Kathy Howard. Howard was the “water safety director,” as she termed it, which meant she was basically the lifeguard on duty at all times for Camp Murrey.

But Howard was also the step-daughter of Stahlman staff member Tom Parker, the famous Con-Yard Director and “Old Man River” singer. As such, Howard had spent several summers at Murrey at a teenager in the 1960s. Just like so many other children of staff members in this period, Boxwell was her summer home so taking up a summer job there when she was old enough was the logical next step.

As with other waterfront directors, Howard was 21 in 1970 when she took up the post. Thus, assuming her memory on dates is correct, Howard would be 26 in this photo from 1974. Standing next to here is Leann Human, daughter of Reservation Director Ed Human. Leann celebrated her 6th birthday that summer.

Kathy Howard and Leann Human
Murrey Waterfront Director and step-daughter of Tom Parker, Kathy Howard (seated) with Reservation Director Ed Human’s youngest daughter Leann, 1974.

From the Archives, September 18, 2022

Stahlman Showerhouse One

Stahlman Showerhouse One was recently torn to the ground. A new showerhouse is to be built soon. This will actually be the THIRD Showerhouse One at Stahlman. So, we thought the thing to do to commemorate this moment was to show the oldest photos of the showerhouse we had!

As it turns out, the oldest photo we have is actually from July 1960. This was the original Showerhouse One at Camp Stahlman. It had the dog-trot design with gang showers on one side and toilet facilities (complete with urine trough!) on the other side. The walls were red cedar and there were no mirrors for Scouts.

This original building had a pretty long life. It existed from 1960 up until it was finally replaced, about the year 2000. A new showerhouse–the one that was just torn down–was up and operational by June 2001.

As far as this photo, part of what makes it interesting is not just the showerhouse, but the vegetation that still existed that first summer. Very different look and feel in 1960!

Stahlman Showerhouse 1
Stahlman Site One with Showerhouse one in the background, July 1960

From the Archives, September 11, 2022

Taking out the Cooks

Who are those plain clothes people being escorted around by extremely young looking secret service agents?! What does this have to do with Boxwell history?

It’s actually pretty simple. Here are members of the Stahlman kitchen staff enjoying a dinner out in Gallatin. From left to right are Trivary truck driver Glenn Randolph, Head Cook Sandy Haller, cook Walter Crislip, cook Margaret Deugaw, and cook Morris Smiley.

Haller took over as Head Cook after the Schleichers retired and ran the kitchen for two or three years. Deugaw was the wife of Parnell-Craig staff member Patrick Deugaw and cooked on and off from 1988 to 2001. Smiley originally served on the Rock Island staff in 1953 and joined the Old Hickory staff for a few years in the late 1990s.

Is there a bigger story here? Not as far as we know. This is just staff going out to dinner in the late 1990s.

Cooks Night Out
A night out for some of the Stahlman kitchen staff. L-R: Glenn Randolph, Sandy Haller, Walter Crislip, Margaret Deugaw, and Morris Smiley.