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“Indian Tells Story of Custer”

You probably haven’t heard this story before! In July of 1926, the Sioux chief Red Fox came to Camp Boxwell at Linton. The Oglala Lakota spoke on Custer’s Battle at Little Big Horn and the lives of Native Americans. Speakers were regular nightly events at the Linton Boxwell.

Interestingly, Red Fox was in the Nashville area for about two weeks, promoting a film titled “The Vanishing American.” The Tennessean promoted the film with a drawing contest of a Native American, the winner getting a silver cup. Born in 1870 on the Pine Ridge reservation, Red Fox was an actor in several silent films of the time, getting his start in show business with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in 1893. Controversy surrounded the veracity of much of Red Fox’s accounts of the old West, but he never seemed much bothered the brouhaha.

Red Fox’s talk at Linton was one of literally dozens he made while in the Nashville area. One article states he made as many as three lectures as day. He continued to be active for years, publishing his memoirs in 1972, just a few years before he died at the age of 105 in 1976.

“Indian Tells Story of Custer,” The Nashville Tennessean, July 20, 1926, pg. 5

Chief Red Fox at the Linton Boxwell, July 1926
Chief Red Fox at the Linton Boxwell, July 1926; _Nashville Tennessean_, July 20, 1926, pg 5

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