From the Archives, March 5, 2023

Stahlman Assembly

As a group of early 2000s Stahlman staff continue to ponder how to say good-bye to the Stahlman dining hall, we thought we might give a nod to those years. Seen here is Camp Stahlman at an assembly. It is a familiar sight with staff to the left and Scouts to the right.

In the center is the Camp Commissioner, Chris Hubbard. Hubbard had been part of the Stahlman staff since 1997, spending his years in the Con-Yard. Indeed, he had finally made it to Con-Yard Director in 2000 before being plucked for this single year appointment as Commissioner. Andy Verble was Program Director and the Camp Director was Chris Daughtrey, a professional Scouter.

No real story here, just a nod to early 21st century Stahlman staff as they plan a mini-reunion for June 23 and 24. Good luck ladies and gentlemen.

Commissioner Chris Hubbard, 2001
Stahlman Camp Commissioner Chris Hubbard, 2001

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