Boxwell Staff Alumni Association Officers

Introducing Danny Waltman–Association Trustee

My name is Danny Waltman. I am a member of the Eagle Scout Class of 2006 from Troop 4 out of south Nashville. I worked in a variety of capacities on staff at Boxwell from 2001-2013. I started as a Trading Post clerk at Camp Craig for two years and worked in the Craig Davy Crockett First Year Camper program for a year. I then served as the OA Rep at Stahlman in ’04 before serving as the reservation wide OA rep the following year. That’s when things get blurry. I spent a few weeks in Shooting Sports, a few weeks at the Waterfront, a week or two in Conservation, a week as Kitchen Director, Handicraft from time to time, and a full summer in the Activity Yard. I would then serve as AY director and the Program director for 2 years at Stahlman. I took a year off to get a Masters in Education, but came back for a summer to work in the Boat Harbor. Now that I have 1 son in Cub Scouts, I have been serving in my son’s Pack as an assistant Cubmaster and now Cubmaster in Goodlettsville. I plan to return to the staff in the next year or two.

Danny Waltman, Association Trustee, 2023
Danny Waltman, Association Trustee, 2023

From the Archives, May 28, 2023

Sunday Night Campfire

Summer camp is about to begin! The 2023 season is upon us! And what says “Boxwell Summer Camp” better than a big campfire?

No story this week, just the joys of a big campfire and the anticipation of a campfire program that’s about to begin. This campfire is from Stahlman’s Sunday Night Campfire Area in 2004.

Stahlman Sunday Night Campfire, 2004
Stahlman Sunday Night Campfire, 2004

Website Updates, May 2023

Several updates made to the main website this week.
1) Parnell Map updated to reflect the new realities there. “Classic Parnell” has been removed, so new map shows Parnell as it is now, just like the other camps. New photos and descriptions were added as well as an updated history.

2) As a result, the main reservation map has also been updated to reflect a new Parnell. The Veterans Gateway has been added. Reservation history has been edited.

3) We have updated the staff rosters for 2023. These are mostly complete, but as we all know, camp hasn’t started yet, so things are bound to change. Check out this year’s directors here:

4) Finally, there are some technical changes made to a few leadership pages, mainly to the CubWorld rosters.

Below is a quick image of the new Parnell map. To click through, follow the link above.

Camp Parnell, ca. 2023

Boxwell Staff Alumni Association Officers

Introducing Lisa Boyce, Association Secretary

My name is Lisa Boyce. Both my children grew up camping at Boxwell. My son James is an Eagle Scout and my daughter Candace would have worked toward Eagle as well if the program had been open to girls at that time. Candace is part of the reason I became even more involved in Scouting outside of my son’s troop when she started working at Boxwell summer camp at Cubworld. After seeing how great the Cubworld program was I wanted to be a part of it and started volunteering at Cub and Family events and with my district, Trail of Tears. In the district I have served as a Roundtable Commissioner, received the Long Rifle Award, and completed Wood Badge. Eventually I managed to save enough vacation time to work summer camp, starting at Parnell in STEM, teaching Robotics and Electronics in 2018 and the following year as STEM Director. While I do have a full-time job, I continue to staff wherever I can, working Webelos winter camps, weekend merit badge days, and helping at Cubworld, Stahlman, the Crab and the Boat Harbor during summer camp. Many of my favorite memories are from Boxwell, from watching my children grow up camping there to meeting some of my closest friends while on staff. I am very excited to be able to serve on the Boxwell Staff Alumni Association Board.

Association Secretary Lisa Boyce
Association Secretary Lisa Boyce

From the Archives, May 21, 2023

A Simple Act of Congress

The Old Hickory Lake Boxwell sits on land controlled by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. This created a small complication for building as the Council did not have title to any of the property. There was a simple way to settle this. The Council just needed to get an Act of Congress.

The law, featured here, authorized the Secretary of teh Amry to convey as much as “six hundred and nine and two-tenths acres land” to the Middle Tennessee Council. What makes this law so interesting though are the caveats.

Under Section 2 of the law, title to the land given to the Council would REVERT to United States under 2 conditions. First, the Council has to begin developing the property for “recreation and camping purposes” within three years of the passage of the act. As the law passed both houses in September 1957, actual work had to begin on the new reservation by September 1960.

The second caveat is more interesting. The Council would lose title to the property if it “shall ever cease to use such property for recreation and camping purposes.” In short, Boxwell Reservation must ALWAYS remain a site for camping activities or the title to the property reverts back to the United States Army Corps of Engineers!

Corps of Engineers Statute, 1957
Statute 85-341, authorizing title for what would become Boxwell Reservation From the Corps of Engineers